for Trello

Build shared understanding of your customer personas
Make users memorable for your team

Define, refine and prioritize your personas

  • Easily document the characteristics of your user and buyer personas with the help of our power-up

  • Choose or upload an appropriate avatar image for easy identification and creation of empathy

  • Mark primary persona as the main target of your product design and prioritization decisions

  • Reorder personas by importance to make persona priorities explicit

Share personas with the Team and Stakeholders

  • Share personas with multiple Trello teams and boards, e.g. Development, UX, Marketing, Sales 

  • Send them to stakeholders as a shareable weblink or use Pdf, Docx, Markdown or HTML export formats

  • Embed personas in tools your team love and use, like Miro, Confluence, Notion, Slack, Coda and many more

Prioritize your task list with the User in Mind

  • Assign personas to cards and adjust importance of user stories or task cards for each persona

  • Order your backlog by customer value

  • Help your team think about what functionality or special cases might have to consider for each task or user story

Review how your team delivered value to the customer

  • Review with the help of our power-up what is on the table and what your team have worked on to attract your target users

  • Overview actual and completed user stories or task cards assigned to each persona

  • Dig deeper by using 'group by lists' view or 'group by importance' view of assigned cards
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