Notes & Docs
for Trello

Notes & Docs Power-Up brings a ChatGPT AI-powered, seamless note-taking experience to your workflow

Easy note-taking and document creation in Trello

  • No need for an external note-taking app anymore. From now, your daily tasks and knowledge can live side by side in Trello.
    With the aid of ChatGTP AI, our power-up makes your workflow simpler and more efficient.

  • Take notes, draft documents, incorporate rich content such as images, files, web bookmarks, tables, YouTube videos, and much more - all without ever leaving your Trello cards and board.

ChatGPT powered AI Assistant at your fingertips

  • Imagine an extra team member who generates drafts, proofreads notes, and simplifies complex sentences.

  • Beyond that, Notes & Docs power-up's AI Assistant can help brainstorm ideas, summarize lengthy documents, and even respond to queries with relevant information.

  • This integration is designed to supercharge your note-taking and content creation, leaving you more time for critical thinking tasks.

A feature rich text editor for exceptional writing experience

  • Bring your notes and documents to life with an outstanding and feature-rich editing experience.

  • Craft the perfect notes and documents with the help of many formatting and styling choices provided by our power-up.

  • Add images, attachments, task lists, bookmarks, tables, YouTube videos, Figma prototypes, Miro boards, Trello cards, labels, and more to your notes. This makes your ideas clearer and more relevant to your work.

Your notes, your rules: choose between private and public

  • Writing personal notes or drafts? Keep them to yourself with our private option.

  • Drafting functional specifications? Share your insights with every board member by making them public.

Editing modes adaptable to content

  • Capturing a simple note? Easily create it right within the card details, ensuring no thought or idea is ever forgotten.

  • Working on a lengthy document or detailed project plan? Open it as a page, providing you with a spacious and uncluttered workspace.
    This gives you the comfort and focus you need for in-depth writing, without leaving the familiar environment of your Trello board.

Flexible and adaptable tools for advanced use-cases

  • It is more than a place for writing documents. You can also build libraries for attachments and bookmarks related to your Trello board. This helps you keep all your relevant content in one spot and always within reach.

  • But we don't stop at traditional tools. With our intuitive and flexible table component, you can create a range of matrix-style visuals to suit your needs. Whether it's a SWOT analysis, Decision Matrix, or any other grid-based layout, our table make it easy to visualize information in a way that works best for you.

Live embed Trello cards and labels

  • Document your workflow. Let board members know what the board, lists and labels are for. Create a label legend by embedding your labels into a document to describe them.

  • Want to share a roadmap? It's easy to create a Now-Next-Later roadmap by embedding Trello cards from your board into a themeable table.
Notes & Docs is available in the Trello Power-Ups directory

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Our pricing is based on a tiered system, calculated per Trello member. This approach means that as your team grows, the unit cost per member decreases, making it more cost-effective for larger teams.

Each Trello member is counted only once, regardless of the number of boards they are a member of.

The ChatGPT powered AI Assistant is available as an add-on for both plans at an additional $2 per member per month.

For over 25 Trello members, the price is as low as $1 per member / month for both plans.


Starting at


Includes +2 members for free
then $3 / Member / Month
for the first 10 members,

per member / month
beyond 10 members

All note writing features

Unlimited storage (5MB/file)

Public and Private notes

Board and card notes

Export to Markdown and HTML, Print notes

Search and recent updates

Account export (backup) to JSON format


Starting at


Includes +2 members for free

Than $4.5 / Member / Month for the first 10 members,

per member / month
beyond 10 members

Everything in basic plus

Spell checking

Export to PDF and Word format

Large file uploads (100MB/file)

Unlimited sub-notes

Version history & restore

External share with web link

Locking notes

Account export (backup) to Word format

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